Compex is a Swiss brand that began just over twenty years ago and are now the world leader in electro stimulation. Compex have a wealth of expertise in areas including pain relief, sports training and rehabilitation.

COMPEX Wireless is without a doubt the most professional electrostimulation device and has enhanced muscle intelligence™ (mi) Technology. The mi-Technology adapts its impulses accordingly to result in a more comfortable session. This high-tech training technique called electro muscle stimulation forms a part of my practice as a biokineticist. I use it for injury prevention, improved performance, toning, pain relief, muscular recovery and physical preparation. They provide a safe and intelligent way to accurately reproduce the process of the muscle’s voluntary contractions, this technology produces an electric current which is sent to the nerve fibres causing a mechanical response in the muscle.

The Compex electrodes are simply placed on the muscle groups that you wish to work such as the abdominal muscles, hamstrings, calf muscles, plantar arch muscles and lower back muscles. The range of Compex electro stimulators have been backed up by clinical trials proving their effectiveness.

Compex Electro Muscle Stimulatiion

I customise each individual’s session based on the need of the client. Once we establish your need we customise a personal coaching programme that helps you choose the right workout. Do you want to be prepared for the next marathon, end your next triathlon successfully, treat your lower back pain or just optimise your training? Each objective you select or create offers tailored protocol of activities (programmes) to reach your individual and specific goal.

Watch this video to learn more about the Compex Wireless Muscle Electrostimulator: