About EMS Cycling

Something For Everyone!

EMS Cycling has been founded by Glynn Moolman who identifies weaknesses and focuses on specific muscles with the use of EMS while cycling on the bike and dry land training off the bike.
Glynn Moolman, a Biokineticist brings a lot of cycling experience and knowledge of cycling having done a thesis on professional cyclists vs amateur cyclists. EMS Cycling is for anyone from the age of 10 cyclists to the age of 70 year old. We encourage amateur and professional cyclists to come for an assessment to experience improved times in there rides.  EMS Cycling helps to recruit muscle fibers within the muscle which helps you jump onto a wheel quicker or giving you that extra kick to the finish line. By recruiting muscle fibers more watts are produced to the pedals giving you the edge. We help all cyclists which include BMX, MTB, road and track cycling.Multiple champ and Cape Town cycle tour medalist Maroeska Matthee also brings her knowledge and expertise.
EMS cycling includes bringing your own bicycle where we look at your performance on your own bicycle on a trainer using EMS (electrical muscular stimulation).
If you want to climb better, sprint faster, time trial or even improve your times, EMS Cycling is for you.
We are situated at Tygervalley, Santyger
First session is on us if you bring this magazine with.